BabyNish™ Double Electric breast pump

Hands Free, Low noise breast pump that meets all of your needs- auto shutoff so you can relax!

   BabyNish™ Automatic Electric Double Breast Pump  

Hands Free Low Noise breast pump that meets all of your needs- pump and relax with our auto shutoff !

Having a rechargeable , convenient, portable breast pump makes things so much easier. Other breast pumps are loud, bulky and inconvenient. BabyNish has convenience in mind with a portable, rechargeable, quiet breast pump.

Rechargeable , automatic with 9 different suction modes. Relax while using our breast pump

Pumps into reusable containers. No need to purchase bottles. Just wash and reuse.  

It is quiet! Use while the baby is sleeping or while on a conference call 

Why BabyNish Breast pump?

BabyNish Fetal doppler represents a real breakthrough in breast pumps. Recommended by healthcare professionals, it is convenient and easy to use. 

The end result of years of development by an elite group of health care professionals the BabyNish breast pump uses technology that is more convenient for mom and baby.

Our Breast pump is convenient, quiet, and easy to travel with. No more inconvenience or loud/bulky breast pumps that spill!

BabyNish Electric Breast Pump:

  • 9 Levels of suction and 3 modes- because every mom is different

  • Pump milk into reusable containers

  • Quiet- so you don't wake the baby  or can use while on a conference call

  • Rechareable- No need for batteries!

  • 30 day money back guarantee + 2 year warranty

 900+ Reviews

Why Choose BabyNish™ Portable Breast Pump?


  • Silent during use

  • Spill Proof

  • Get 18% more milk 

  • 9 different suction modes

  • 3 modes: Massage, sucking, and lactation

    1 year warranty - We guarantee  this will last your entire pregnancy!

Other brands

  • Loud / Brings attention in public

  • Not tested and not safe

  • Low suction not getting enough milk

  • 1 suction mode

  • No massage or lactagogue mode.

    No guarantee or warranty

Ready to hear your electric breast pump?

1 Breast Pump


Now Only

  • Includes Ultrasound gel + 2 batteries

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • #1 recommended

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

 900+ Reviews


      3 Fetal Dopplers 



  • Includes Ultrasound gel +2 batteries

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • #1 Recommended
  • Free Shipping

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

 900+ Reviews

     2 X Breast Pump


Now Only

  • Includes Ultrasound gel + 2 batteries

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • #1 Recommended

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

 900+ Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

   How does BabyNish pump work?

It is very easy! Connect the reusable bottles to the breast pump and use the touch screen to turn it on. If you plan on pumping, choose the suction option. Place the cover on and start with level 1. Suction will begin shortly. Once it starts going, you can increase suction if needed. The pump has an auto shut off (or timer), so you can relax without thinking about it! 

   Is it loud?

No! It is very quiet. You can use it while the baby is sleeping in the same room, while on the phone and while watching tv - no one can hear it!

When I Order Baby Nish Pump, what does my Order Include?

It includes 2 suction cups, 2 reusable bottles, a USB card (yes, it is rechargeable!) , and our touch screen mode selector / timer

  Does the milk spill out if I am laying down?

We suggest sitting up, but our bottles are spill proof! No mess here :) 

   When will I receive it?

All items take 3-5 business days to receive once shipped.

  How do I clean it?

You can put in the dishwasher (not the timer!) or handwash

  What if I do not like it?

BabyNish is the number one recommended breast pump. However, if you do not like it, returns are easy! We have a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied- you can easily return it. Our customer care team is top notch.

  Can I order for my practice? Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! We sell to hundreds of practices and we would love to have you as a new client and serve your clients as well! Please contact us at

Pump while at home , at work, or with the baby. Order today!

900+ Reviews

The #1 electric breast pump! 

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900+ Reviews

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